About us

Oikocredit was founded in 1975 at the initiative of the World Council of Churches to provide churches and church related organizations with an investment tool aimed at supporting marginalized people in developing countries.

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Oikocredit in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Oikocredit established its regional development office in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2001. It serves partners in a diverse group of countries with one common feature: they are countries in transition. 

Eastern Europe and Central Asia present a mixed operating environment, with better prospects in some countries than others. We continue to invest, innovate and build partners' capacity in line with our mission and strategy.

Eastern Europe and Central Asia is a complex region with a diverse portfolio of agricultural, renewable energy, microfinance and fair trade partners in 16 countries. Earlier solid portfolio growth in our lending to MFIs in several countries has given way to a focus on portfolio quality and managing open currency positions.

2015 realized the completion of several social performance and capacity building projects. Partners in Kosovo and Moldova achieved Client Protection Principles certification. In Romania and Tajikistan we worked with partners on new product development and social performance management respectively. 

Although the region does not appear set for rapid GDP growth, we anticipate results consistant with our five-year growth strategy.

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