One in four of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas. Many of these, from farmers to seasonal workers, rely on agricultural activities to meet their daily needs.

Oikocredit aims to provide farmers with ways to improve their lives, by providing support to agricultural partners in developing countries.

While we cannot provide financial services directly to small farmers or fishermen, we finance rural microfinance and producer organizations, like agricultural cooperatives, that work to build strong local economies and stronger communities by supporting these individuals.

Oikocredit continues to prioritize agriculture, including support for fair trade. Of the number of clients reached by our microfinance partners, 24 % are agricultural borrowers.

Training and support in agriculture

To help meet Oikocredit's objective to provide more support for the agricultural sector, we are devoting a significant part of our capacity building resources to creating greater value for farmers and rural communities, which includes promoting better environmental practices.

 During 2012, we began collaboration with Bulgarian private agricultural company Ezoxs, in developing a biogas digester for a partner working in crop production and cattle breeding.

This investment will increase the quantity and quality of organic fertiliser, reduce the use of chemical pestidcides and transform solid waste into biogas, producing electricity for public distribution.