Reaching Rural Areas

A central goal of Oikocredit is providing financial services to those who generally have no access to these kinds of services. This is especially true for rural areas.

Rural areas and agriculture

One in four of the world's poorest people live in rural areas. Many of these, from farmers to seasonal workers, rely on agricultural activities to meet their daily needs.

Cyclical and unpredictable income means credit for farmers can be difficult to obtain. Vital insurance products to protect against floods, droughts and gurricanes are almost non-existent and a lack of knowledge about new farming methods and trade, results in uneven competition with commercial players.

Oikocredit finances rural microfinance and producer organizations, such as agricultural cooperatives which build local economies and stronger communities.

Oikocredit works with agricultural cooperatives, associations and organizations accross the globe to improve business management and farmer welfare and to strengthen farmers' capacity to improve their environmental practices.

Oikocredit has a dedicated agriculture unit in its investment team.